SocialLeaf Marketing


By Jonathan Barber

The Key to Automotive Marketing

Effective marketing can have an extraordinary effect on your automotive business… Picture this, suddenly your schedule starts to fill up, customers pop in that normally wouldn’t, and your front desk person has to adjust to the extra demand that seems to have come from nowhere.


Many automotive shops employ marketers that do an effective job, but they overlook one important key to success. That’s your online reputation. Automotive dealers and shops are generally distrusted by consumers, what this means is that even with the most brilliant marketing campaign, you’ll be losing customers as they check ratings on Yelp, and Google.


I’ve spoken with some automotive shops that tell me that they don’t pay attention to “online reviews”. Not paying attention to online reviews is in a sense not paying attention to your customers, and obviously we understand where your revenue as a business comes from. The best businesses pay attention to their customers and make changes to improve their experience

“even with the most brilliant marketing campaign, you’ll be losing customers as they check ratings on Yelp, and Google.”

The good news is that once you recognize just how important reviews are, you can build the foundation to automotive success. Your advertising becomes much more effective, and your customers have a better experience, and lastly, you make more money. It’s a win-win situation. There are many ways to skyrocket the number of reviews you’re getting, including, emailing, asking in person, and sending a text. SocialLeaf recognizes the power of reviews and has developed a proprietary system to increase the amount of reviews you’re getting.


Lastly the more Google reviews you get, the higher you’ll rank on your local SEO. This means people asking SIRI on their iPhones will see your shop as the first result, obviously this translates into more business.


When I say that this is the most effective method for marketing for an automotive shop, it’s not without basis. I’ve guided automotive businesses and seen firsthand how this affects their bottom line.


If you’re interested in learning more, chat with an expert about how we can lay the foundation for your automotive business’ growth.