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Social Media Marketing

Facebook Ads

Facebook PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is rapidly outgrowing Google Ads in popularity and value. Developing a conversion optimized campaign that suits your budget will keep you ahead of competitors. Remarketing to a specific audience using Facebook ads is a great way to build your brand and refresh consumer interest. SocialLeaf Marketing can create, implement and monitor a Facebook ads blueprint that will draw more customers to your business. Social media marketing begins with booking a strategy session.

Twitter Account Optimization

Having Twitter followers is becoming yet another way to increase traffic and value to your website and ultimately your business. Many business owners do not have the time to post routinely or create posts that will develop re-tweets, followers. It takes over 1000 engaging tweets to build a follower base, the key is to post often and at times your audience will be watch. Optimization of a twitter profile and feed can take your business miles and if you have not setup this social signal, contact SocialLeaf for assistance today.

Proven Instagram Interaction

Instagram is all about influence these days. If a celebrity promotes a product or service it is bound to generate likes and leads. Why not build your own network of influencers to 10X your post interaction? This all begins with the correct framework in place including PPC advertising to help increase your exposure. Automation and artificial intelligence continue to be the best way to cover lost ground that your competitors have, many business owners do not realize this so be sure to contact us for more information.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing - Signal Analysis

More and more businesses are catching up with current best practices for social media.  It is important that signals from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more are initiated and managed to get the best results for your online endeavours. Social media marketing leads the way in digital and conventional marketing as the fastest way increase client base and revenue.

Business With All Social Profiles 25%
Business with Only LinkedIn Profile 35%
Business with Only Facebook Profile 75%